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The Lost Of The Knight Of Prog" v1 Short mix (2010)

Welcome in Audiofanzine, the Kingdom you're coming in.
Residents often meet to share music and beat.
Several musicians, in a melting pot, to cook... many compotes.

Ladies and gentlemen, here begins the contest.
Gather strength will help for your quest.
Your unfailing will won't ever fall apart
As long as joy is deep in your heart.

But the crowd at this time is sad. How could we be glad?
For the Knight of Progressive Rock threw away his hawk.
His nickname is Ocho, some kind of a hero,
Fighting with his Gretsch, he would have done the best.

The Gods of Neverending Songs cannot hold their tongues,
Missing Ocho's inspiration, they fear their extinction,
For whom would be able to break down their trouble,
And carry their banner? Glorious defender.