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Silent Lady In The Moon (2013)

She doesn't live a fairytale,
She just keeps going on, beside her man.
She goes through life,
Always trying to stay away from strife.

And when, sometimes, she feels the pain,
She looks skyward, and feels better again.
Only heaven's depth, celestial lights
Can bring her back the peace she needs, and make her shine.

If things go bad, she would get in bad moods,
And drop out of sight, like a silent lady in the moon.

Well, for now, she doesn't mind,
Everything's right, everything's fine,
For there's no need to hide – hide away.
The lovely house, the sweetest guy,
And enough time to make the most of life
A kind of paradise.

Despite the icy weather
She starts up the car, and like so many others,
She melts into the jam,
Really fed up with all this wasted time.

Her job doesn't bring her any joy.
Growing pressure, strict deadlines,
Constant threats that keep annoying.
Today's a day like no other, why do they bother her,
At the end of an awfull week,
while she's very close to sinking

So many boaring people everywhere,
Most of all a boss who doesn't care.
Naggers, liars, both are colleagues and unbearable customers.
Though she keeps try'n to do her best
How to deal with every kind of request?
They do – set her adrift
She can stand no more stress
And finally blows up.

Hiding away, from all those who'd cause any harm.
Getting close to her man, seeking refuge in his arms,
Painfully, she tries to start over,
Let her thoughts drift away, further and further.
As she's gazing at glittering stars, she says the worst's behind her,
She closes her eyes,
Opens her heart,
Lets a smooth peacefulness overwhelm her

Things went so bad, she got into such a bad mood,
She dropped out of sight, like a silent lady in the moon.